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Sidney Keychain

Sidney Keychain

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Our upcycled leather keychains are constructed with the remnant leathers saved from our glove making. 

Designed as a keychain alternative to our glove straps they're a deceptively simple EDC accessory. Store keys and other items through the lower D-ring and wear 2 ways. 

Use the clasp buckle to attach to beltloops, handles, straps, eyelets etc. Or detach the buckle from the strap and snap to your belt (accomodates a belt strap width of 1.5" or less).

We made them by bonding 2 contrasting glove leathers. Custom die cutting, logo debossing and strap construction with topstitched heavy duty threads came next. Then finished and trimmed with locally sourced (from a vendor 7 miles from HQ) metal components.

As with all Philleywood products, we make with meticulous attention to detail & personally inspect before adding to the batch.


  • Sourced and manufactured locally from our upcycled glove leather remnants.
  • PW upcycled logo debossing at strap.
  • Belt strap compatibility (1.5" maximum belt strap width).
  • Swivel clasp buckle attachment for clip fuction.
  • D-ring finish at strap end to hold multiple items.


  • Pittards® remnant leathers (unused & discarded from our glove making - black).
  • Lobster Claw Swivel Clasp Buckle (metal - black).
  • 0.75" D-ring (metal - black)
  • 20L plain dome snap fastener (metal - black)



  • Total strap length (finished) = 3"
  • Strap width = 0.75"


    Made in Los Angeles, CA from leather of Ethiopian origin with UK tanning and finishing.

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