Philleywood is all about family. The brand logo says it all: a mix of the Yorkshire rose and the Texas star, it stands for the union of two people, two continents and the future hopes of our increasingly complex world.


Philleywood is also about product. Its founder, Paul Wood, designs, develops and produces modern products with an integrity, quality and style that echoes ages past. Whether it’s Philleywood’s luxury batch-built gloves, or apparels and accessories designed and developed for other brands over the past 3 decades, Paul puts the same considered approach, care and attention to detail into everything he does.

So why gloves? Paul ran Sector9 Skateboards’ apparel program in the late aughts and was tasked with developing the brand’s technical “slide” gloves for the downhill skateboarding community. Through that project that he learned about hand protection and its crucial combination of form and function.

In 2011, he rediscovered his teen passion for cycling and began thinking about ways to make a product that would help protect him on and off the bike. While continuing to design apparels and gloves for other brands he found a US-based craftsman of classic driving gloves and got to work field testing the first sample pair for durability and workmanship. 13 months later he had ridden 5200 miles (imagine riding from LA to Toronto and back) in that same pair of gloves and the brand idea was born.


Why not have a pair of gloves that not only functions for the long haul but also offers the best in style, detailing & a superb fit that goes hand-in hand with the term “fits like a...”