So why made in USA?

Paul started making goods in the USA in 1999 when he moved from New York to Los Angeles. He was hired to design and develop the legendary streetwear label X-Large Clothing’s menswear collection and used their local vendors to produce it. As he drove all over the city from workshop to workshop, he discovered a world of craft, integrity and industry among a group of makers who, against all odds, have managed to keep the apparel industry alive and kicking in Los Angeles. It reminded him of the garment factory where his mother worked in the small Yorkshire town he grew up in. The same craft, attention to detail and fastidious quality that he saw in the worsted wool, made-to-measure suits his mother made was running through the high quality denims, wovens and knits he was now making in California.


Philleywood makes in the USA because we believe that the concept of craft and pride of work still stands for something. We simply want to present products that are well made and appeal to those who value innovative design paired with traditional skill and technique. Our signature Jarvis & Siggy deerskin leather gloves are Made in California in the table cut tradition using USA origin materials. They are entirely hand cut and sewn by a local master craftsman, making each pair of Philleywood gloves a truly unique item. When you buy a pair of Philleywood gloves you’re selecting from a carefully planned and curated batch of the highest quality.