Materials & Care



Deerskin (North American White Tailed). Used on the Jarvis & Siggy gloves, our leather is of North American origin & is soft, supple, strong, durable, warm & water resistant. It has a distinct grain texture & gets softer & more supple with age & wear.

Remember that no leather is perfect - it’s made by nature rather than being produced. Every skin has it’s own structure and characteristics in the form of marks & occasional irregularites.


Much care & attention was put into making your premium leather gloves. Our suggestions below should be followed to maintain your gloves at the highest standard.

- Avoid rain / heat sources:

Deerskin tolerates humidity or rain pretty well but you should avoid rain for as long as possible. If your gloves do get wet then dry flat at room temperature.

Keep away from sources of heat as the leather can dry out & become stiff.

- Rest your gloves:

Your gloves should have a day’s rest between wearings to maintain them as long as possible. Try to alternate wear with your other favorite (Philleywood!) gloves since damp material wears out quicker than when dry.

- Stretch your gloves:

The leather in our gloves will “flow” after a little while, meaning the elasticity will transfer to the glove’s length rather than width. This is normal so to achieve original fit you should gently stretch the glove over the edge of a table.