Testing Time

The demise of Pittards UK leather in the fall of last year gave us a bigger than glove-sized hole to fill. And with our go-to performance leather tannery no longer in business, our quest to find a replacement for their time honored leather tanning started.


We’ve been on the hunt worldwide for the best options since then and whenever we need to really see how a leather performs, we use our tester gloves (Terry the tester to us) to help us decide whether to go further or not.

So Terry's been busy of late. 


Basically, simplicity is key here and when you’re testing materials for gloves you really need to feel the leather next to your skin in order to evaluate them accurately. Whilst we still use a fourchette construction at the fingers for the best fit, our testers are stripped of any construction at the palm and top of hand so it’s just the leather that does the talking. Oh, and the touchscreen too.

So we'll be releasing some very limited runs of these second skin "simple" gloves as the production schedule allows. And the leather qualities will vary as we get further into this.

Please hit me up via our comments below or email paul@philleywood.com if this kind of glove is of interest so I can guage for how many I can create.

Support local. Make with pride.

All the best,


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